Due to the rapid spread of coronavirus COVID-19, we would like to assure you that AS Salvest will continue to operate at its usual pace. To prevent the workers from getting infected, we have introduced enhanced hygiene measures. We are also measuring the body temperature of all people entering the premises and we offer flexible working hours whenever possible and if needed.

We have also minimized access of visitors to our premises and established a contactless loading system.

For the moment we have sufficient supply of production for the coming months, but due to the sudden increase in demand in recent weeks, we may face short-term supply difficulties of certain products. We are doing our best to ensure that all products are available.

Obtaining packaging components in the event of trade closure with the European Union may prove to be the biggest challenge. We are, however, optimistic that we will be able to avoid such a scenario and we are already working on possible alternative solutions.  

We are constantly monitoring the situation to ensure the continued high quality of our products and the safety of our employees.

We appreciate your trust and will keep you updated on any changes to our work process.  

Triin Kõrgmaa
Chief Executive Officer
AS Salvest