Salvest Mustard sauce 340 g

The noticeably mustardy and deliciously creamy Salvest Mustard Sauce is perfect for your roasted sausages, shashlik, and breakfast sandwich. If you love mustard, this spicy sauce is just for you!

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Water, rapeseed oil (20%), mustard paste (including mustard seeds) (10%), sugar, modified starch, salt, skimmed milk powder, caramel syrup, acidity regulators ( acetic acid, citric acid),  mustard flavoring, black pepper, antioxidant (calcium disodium).

Nutrition information per 100 g

  • energy value 986 kJ / 238 kcal,
  • fats 20 g, whereof saturated fatty acids 1,4 g
  • carbohydrates 13 g, including sugars 9,3 g
  • proteins 0,8 g
  • salt 1,8 g
  • omega-3 fatty acids 1,62 g/ 100 g

Product content

Gluten free