Delicious recipes

Delicious recipes

Cabbage and groats stew

A proper winter dish from the treasury of our forefathers’ recipes. In addition to the cabbages and groats, it receives extra flavour from a sufficiently brown bacon. The filling stew is wonderfully easy to make and is a welcome guest at any winter feast.


300 g slices of bacon

1 onion

2 dl barley groats

0.5 l boiling water

530 g Salvest Fried sauerkraut

200 ml cooking cream



Do so:

Dice the bacon and lift on a hot pan. Next, heat up the pan and brown the meat. Reduce the heat and add diced onions and barley groats. Heat for a few minutes, add hot water in the pan, and let it stew under the lid for 1 hour until the groats are soft. Once the groats are soft, add some salt and the fried cabbage. Pour in the cooking cream and bring to boil. Next, let the dish simmer at low heat for 5 minutes and serve.

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Lingonberry sauce with orange and ginger

The multi-talented lingonberry is already a familiar guest on our holiday menus. When adding some exotic notes in the form of orange and ginger, we will discover a symphony of flavours that tastes well with both meat, sausages and why not even desserts!