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Delicious recipes

Ham rolls with horseradish and cheese filling

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  • Ham rolls with horseradish and cheese filling

Super star among appetizers that is welcome on any party table. The right amount of heat from horseradish and creaminess from mayonnaise give the right flavour and texture to the food.



You will need:

200 g thinly sliced ham

200 g grated cheese

150 g Salvest Horse-radish Flavoured Mayonnaise


chives for decorating


Do so:


Mix the grated cheese and mayonnaise, season with salt, if necessary. Next, spread the ham slices on the table, put a spoonful of filling on each slice, and roll up the ham slices. If you wish, tie a sprig of chive around every roll for decoration. Lift in the fridge for 30 minutes to season and serve.

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