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Tomato-flavoured vegetable and rice casserole

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Salvest Pasta Sauce with Vegetables adds juiciness to this summery, fresh and light dish. The recipe fits well in the vegetarian menu as well.


You will need (for four-five people):

125 g unboiled Basmati or brown rice

1 jar Salvest Pasta Sauce with Vegetables

1 jar chick-peas

1 courgette

1 bell pepper

1 onion

2 egg

140 g grated cheese

1 tbs olive oil


Do so:


Boil the rice in water seasoned with salt according to the instructions marked on the package. Next, cool the rice in cold water. Mix together 2/3 of the cheese, eggs and rice. Chop the vegetables into sticks and heat the shopped onion in olive oil. When the onion becomes transparent, add courgette. After a few moments, add the bell pepper and Salvest pasta sauce. Season with salt and pepper. Drain and rinse the chick-peas and add in the sauce. Pour the vegetables in an oven dish, spread the rice mixture on top and sprinkle over with the remaining grated cheese. Bake for 30 minutes at 200 ºC (at 180 ºC in case of convection function). Serve with a meat dish or eat with fresh sprouts.

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